Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is Milo sick? 

Last Sat. was like any other weekend day. Up early, long snuggle and then off for a walk. There was a pitstop to this walk- the vet. Milo isn't a fan of the vet, but hey, everyone needs an annual physical.

Walking into any building that is not home has always been an, um, challenge with Milo. We barrel in, one of use pulling the other at top speed, the other riding the jerks like she's in some sort of urban rodeo. You can guess who is who. I always get sympathetic looks and try to explain "He's not like this at home!" I don't think anyone buys that story, though.

In the exam room, Milo barked and whined and generally made a nuisance of himself. When the vet came in, I headed out to the waiting room, as we have discovered my presence makes him more anxious. I was flipping through the current issue of Bark when Dr. O'Donnell came out to chat. She had noticed that Milo had enlarged lymph nodes in his legs and chest. She wondered if he had been displaying signs of allergies. Nope. "Well," she said, "generally this means allergies or lymphoma. I'd like to take a sample and send it to be tested."

As Milo and I walked home, my mind was racing. Could my bouncy, wild guy have cancer??? Dogs with cancer don't have such spring in their steps, they don't look so avidly for squirrels and cats. And they definitely do not run at top speed through the yard. Or do they??? I'd never met a dog with cancer.

I called my sister when I got home and suddenly burst into tears. My Milo, the love of my life, could have cancer. I sobbed and could barely speak at the thought of it. Somehow, deep down, I knew. I saw it in the vet's eyes.
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Aw Kristen... crossing my fingers that it is not what you think!!!!