Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's working!!! 

Milo had his second treatment this past weekend. You guys- he's doing AWESOME. The only side effect he has experienced is extreme thirst. He normally drinks a gallon of water a day. With the Prednisone he's drinking at least 3 and seriously, would like more.

One morning last week, I got up and worked out and got all ready for work before taking him out. It was selfish of me, but I live on the third floor and up and down those stairs 3 times in one morning is annoying. As I walked into my room to get dressed, I noticed a huge puddle on my floor, at the bottom of my bed. At first I thought my humidifier had leaked and then I realized Milo had peed. My poor bunny. I was selfish and he couldn't hold it anymore. I found him hiding under my kitchen table and he walked out with his head down and his tail between his legs. The guilt!

Later that night, I got into bed and noticed that one part of the bed was colder than others. All the pieces of the puzzle appeared before me. Milo had actually peed ON MY BED that morning and I had only seen the runoff on the floor. It soaked my quilt, my down comforter, my sheets, mattress pad and down to the mattress. So, at 11:30pm, I had to strip my bed, find clean sheets and alternative blanket options. And yet, I still felt guilty. During all of this, Milo laid on his bed facing away from me in the other room.

This weekend, we spent two glorious (but cold) afternoons climbing our favorite trails at the dog park. A friend joined us on the second day and she commented how she really can't believe he's sick. I still can't.

Today, as he snoozed at my feet, I reached down to pet him. I felt for the tumors that I usually avoid. You guys, those egg-sized tumors that brought me to my knees just two weeks ago are already vanishing. They are now about the size of large gumballs. The pea-sized one that was just developing in his armpit is undetectable to my clumsy fingers. You know what's not undetectable, though? His horrible, stinking "is my face in a toilet??" gas. I can live with that.
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I'm glad to hear the chemo is working for Milo. Like you, I went the chemo route. Cooper, however, was very sick by the time my vet sent me to an oncologist.

The first treatment went very well, and he bounced back -- much of which I think was a result of the steroid. He started eating again.

The second treatment didn't seem to do much, and he stopped eating again.

One day, he just looked at me, and it was then that I knew it was time. He wanted his momma to make it go away; he was miserable.

Two weeks after we learned he was ill, I chose to put Cooper down. I stayed with him the entire time, and I've always felt good about that. It was the two of us.

I have since gotten two dogs, but I miss that boy everyday. Fur-people, like real people, are irreplaceable.

You and Milo are in my thoughts and prayers.